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Power Factor Panel

Power Factor can be explained as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in measuring electrical consumption.

APFC / Power Factor Improvement Panel

Smart Engineering Services (SES) is one of the leading Automatic Power Factor Improvement Panels manufacturers in the power distribution equipment industry in India. It is popularly known as APFC Panels. It is a prime component used for power improvement and measuring electricity consumption. As its name defines its work and usability, it is an automatic system or capacitor bank unit that improves power factors by switching On and Off as per requirement.
A modern power network is inductive and requires a wide variety of reactive power and electronic loads that creates extensive power demand on the power supply system. Most of the reactive power is wasted and not properly used for actual work, which leads to the necessity of additional power to run heavy industrial machinery. Keeping this perspective in mind, we deliver the APFC Panels to ensure consistent high power factors without manual interventions. Our panels consist of features including a digital power-saving display, power monitoring display, pluggable current sensor, LED indicators, etc. that offer several benefits which include:

Some of the key features of our APFC products are

  • Perfect to Improve Power Factor
  • User-Friendly Microprocessor-Based APFC Relay
  • Self Optimizing Control Capability
  • Dust-Proof Cabinet With Power Coating
  • Perfect Control With Different System Parameters Measurement With Indicating Light
  • Cost Effective Reliable Static Devices
  • Durable Construction
Power Factor Panel
Ingeniously designed, our panel provides a unique solution to meet the variations of loads. Our panels consist of multiple capacitors, and a microprocessor controller that understands the power consumption, improves capacitance energy saving at peak and low energy demand levels, magnetizes the current, and optimizes real-time energy uses. Moreover, it is used in conjunction with applications with Bluetooth connection, and many other renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, solar panels, and inverters as well.

Product Specifications

  • Non-Compartmentalized
  • Modular Design For Easier Assembly, Installation & Maintenance
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction
  • 4–14 Correction Stages
  • Optimum Reactive Power Compensation
  • Indoor
  • Floor Mounted
  • Cable Entry From Bottom
  • Better Reliability And Lower Losses
  • Withstands High Temperature
  • Step Protection MCCB
  • Savings And Incentives in Electricity Bills

Benefits of APFC panels include shortening the mal-operation of diesel generation sets, avoiding over-voltages, voltage fluctuations, and power issues, delivering smooth power factor to avoid sound and disturbance, overcoming electrical issues, and maintaining a consistent power factor. The panels also reduce operational losses that occur due to a lack of leading power and minimize the higher electricity bills and heavy penalties led by the power distribution authorities. They can be used in a wide range of industries like.

  • Hospitals / Hotels
  • Building Segment
  • Steel Rolling Mills
  • Chemical Industry
  • Textile
  • Cement Plant
  • Suger Plant
  • Automobile Industry